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Last updated: 2023, July 30


Agricultural Consulting Service

Consulting services in agriculture, agribusiness and food production for increasing profitability and efficiency


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Agricultural Consulting Service  (Agro Consulting, Agriculture Consulting, Agribusiness Consulting, Consulting in Agriculture)

- is professional advices in the fields of agriculture and agricultural business, growing crops, livestock, aquaculture, agricultural logistics (by road, sea and rail), storage and processing of grain and agricultural products, as well as processing industry related to agriculture, professional, expert advice and activities for advising owners, farmers and farm managers of agricultural business or agricultural companies on a wide range of questions in the field of management, business planning, optimization of operations, financial, commercial, legal, technological, technical and expert activities.


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In case of good management - agriculture it is a stable and profitable production.


But for obtaining of good profit from agricultural business need know how! Because this business significant more difficult and not possible to control all factors as in industrial  production at a plant for example!



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As in aribusiness, present not controlled factors actions - climate, pests and others. And for obtaining of  good results in agriculture need the good consulting from professionals that see all aspects of successful agricultural business around the World!



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The purpose of Agricultural Consulting Service is to help for management and owners of agribusiness in the management system, management in achieving their goals and  for creation of new business and improvement of existing business.



And also, the main goal of agricultural consulting is to create a modern and competitive business on the international market and to obtain additional profit and reduce costs in crops production and in any other form of agrarian activity.


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In addition, consulting helps to develop agribusiness management system, which helps to remove managerial pressure to owners and management of agricultural companies and farmers.



In other words: Agricultural Consulting Service is advising in the field of agriculture on a wide range of questions in the areas of management, financial, legal, technological, technical, provided by external independent consultants to solve a practical problems for creation of new business and improvement of existing business.


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The main task of Agricultural Consulting Service is to analyze, substantiate the prospects for the development and use of the most advanced scientific, technical and organizational-economic solutions, taking into account the subject field of agribusiness and customer requirements.


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Also, the Agricultural Consulting Service in the field of agriculture can consist in the constant technological support of companies and farmers, the introduction of modern scientific developments and new technologies directly into agricultural production, as well as in the direct (trust) management of a company or agricultural holding company in general and including professional managers, rendering assistance in organizational activities, formation of the company's image, assistance in the most profitable investment of funds and development of agribusiness.


Types of Agribusiness Consulting

Strategic Consulting is a set of measures and actions to develop promising directions for sustainable development of a business, industry or a specific enterprise, based on a study of the current situation, market conditions, and development potential - that is, the entire range of external and internal factors influencing the creation of a sustainable development strategy. Strategic Consulting determines the current situation, goals, means used and ways to achieve the goals. Based on this, a Strategic Development Program and plans for its implementation can be developed. The solution of strategic development issues by the forces of the company's own personnel has one important disadvantage - the difficulty of obtaining an objective assessment, due to the personal interest of personnel in choosing a particular development strategy. An objective assessment of the current situation, assessment of opportunities and the successful future development of the company can only be offered by an external independent consultant who has no personal interest in the customer's company.


Management Consulting is a form of activity aimed at improving management and doing business, developing an industry or a company.


Operational Consulting is the process of providing professional services to various types of businesses, individuals and organizations, to assess the current state of their internal processes and strategies, aimed at increasing overall efficiency.


Consulting for business optimization (optimization of business processes) is a procedure aimed at improving business efficiency and profitability, getting rid of components that do not contribute to the achievement of goals, simplifying business processes, reducing time costs, and reducing risks.


What are the benefits of agricultural consulting?

  • increases profitability and helps to generate additional profit

  • makes it possible to simplify work and business management

  • helps to save time

  • allows you to compare successful business with global market leaders

  • allows you to develop and successfully implement new projects

  • allows you to increase capitalization and business image

  • increases business efficiency

  • reduces risks

  • gives other, private advantages


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Agricultural Consulting Companies

- are companies specializing in the provision of agribusiness consulting services. They often specialize in certain areas of activity (for example - crop production, livestock, IT and GPS - equipment monitoring, financial, land, personnel, organizational, strategic, technology consulting).


Consulting companies in the field of agriculture and agribusiness provide services in forecasting and research of various agricultural markets (know-how, licenses, goods) and services in developing business plans, business models, marketing programs, preparing expert opinions on a variety of problems, assessing business with point of view of economic geography and analyze the trade and political conditions and their impact on business, help expand business and develop business abroad, in other countries.


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International Agriculture Consulting Services

- is the provision of a wide range of consulting services in the field of international agrarian business consulting to companies and private individuals operating abroad or wishing to organize business overseas.


Such consulting includes partnership and trust business relations that help to identify and reveal the true potential of business, as well as to discover and realize new, previously unused opportunities in new countries.


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International Agricultural Consulting Service usually works in such directions:



International agribusiness consulting is very important, as any modern business (including agrarian business), in today's World, constantly requires global integration.

At a certain stage of development, business owners are faced with the issue of expanding, investing in new areas of activity and the need for capital and business to enter international markets.

Or they limit the investment of capital within the framework of their own state and have, in such a case, some geographical risks.

The experience of successful companies in various business areas (including agrarian) shows that without the use of global integration, it is not possible to obtain high profits and ensure the reliability of investments, and to develop a successful business.

International Agriculture Consulting is most in demand by private individuals and companies aimed to efficient and reliable placement of capital and management of activities in the context of modern globalization.

International agribusiness consulting helps to create business abroad, to invest correctly in buying business in different countries or to enter the international market.


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When need consulting in food industry and aquacultural or agricultural business?

  • Owners of the farm or agrarian company have a desire to optimize the business, reduce costs or get more profit. This applies to both a profitable and a well-performing business, as can always look at the business with a fresh perspective and suggest positive improvements!

  • The owners of the agrarian company want to optimize business activities in such a way as to get more free time for themselves or reduce the time spent on business management

  • Optimization of land bank

  • Establishment of agricultural holdings companies

  • Management of agricultural holdings companies and optimization of their activities with a view to increasing profits

  • Increasing the market value of agribusiness

  • Audit, Evaluation and Due Diligence of new companies and farms before purchase

  • Construction of new farms and production facilities

  • Owners of an agrarian company want to create agribusiness at the highest international level

  • The agrarian company needs fresh ideas. Even if you have an up-to-date agribusiness - fresh ideas and an out-of-the-out look will be very useful

  • The agrarian company needs experience and knowledge

  • Independent verification and audit of new business with its purchase or with the expansion of a land bank

  • In the management of an agrarian company there is no agreement on an important issue, and an external opinion is required to obtain objective advice

  • Optimization of technologies in crops growing

  • Checking the correctness of the technological operations

  • The desire to find the optimal technological solution in specific local soil-climatic conditions

  • The agrarian company needs help to creation, independent expert estimation or complete a project

  • Audits, monitoring of fields, production assets, warehouse balances and equipment and independent inspections

  • Due to the shortcomings of internal corporate communications, for the agrarian company or for investors needs an independent specialist capable of becoming a link between the levels and divisions

  • When it is necessary to restore order in land issues - to optimize the lands bank

  • When it is necessary to invest with the greatest advantage financial funds or write a business plan or plan a strategic development

  • And in many other cases




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