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Last updated: 2022, June 12



Trust business management Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Norway, New Zealand and other countries




By transferring the business to trust management, you provide not only a lack of time spent on personal management and removal of the “headache”, but also provide the best conditions for obtaining additional profit for your agricultural enterprise, since we are professionals in agribusiness and what we do, to us I like it a lot, providing the best motivation to work and get the most profit and the best results




We accept in trust management companies located both in Ukraine and Europe, and on other continents:

  • land, agricultural and commodity business

  • food storage and production

  • industrial enterprises and processing industry

  • energy

  • aquaculture

  • innovative projects

  • environmental projects


According to the contract of trust management of an enterprise, one party (the founder of management) transfers the other party (trust manager) for a certain period of time, the enterprise is in trust management, and the other party undertakes to manage this enterprise in the interests of the founder of the management or the person (beneficiary) specified by him. Objects of trust management may be agricultural enterprises, agricultural holdings and other property complexes, individual objects, etc.


The main benefit of trust management for the owner is the lack of time spent on personal management, obtaining higher profits, while you can be anywhere in the world, but of course confidentiality. Trust management ensures the performance of the most profitable operations in the interests of beneficiaries, that is, the beneficiaries.



The history of trust (trust) property management dates many centuries. Trust management of property originated in the Middle Ages, during the Crusades. The knights left their estates and property under the administration of the trustees for the duration of their conquests, so that the managers would manage the property of the knights and receive income for the benefit of their families.


Later, trust management received several more functions:

  • In order to protect the property of the nobility from confiscations by the kings

  • Achievement of anonymity of various transactions

  • Hiding property and tax protection. In those days, trust was resorted to as an alternative to a will, which protected transferred property from hereditary taxation

  • Convenience of joint ownership of property, for example, real or financial or corporate (often in the presence of several shareholders there are quarrels, which is bad for business). This also applies to relatives who, in the event of the owner’s inability to manage the business or his death, quarrel and factical destroy the business, tearing it apart. In this case, non-time-limited trust management by independent professionals will help, ensuring an honest distribution of profits and their increase over time

  • Savings of accumulated capital from its premature or inappropriate waste, and enterprises from bankruptcy due to poor management

  • The creation of pension, charity, financial and insurance funds; property retention in bankruptcy proceedings, etc.

  • Considering the fact that business owners often do not have specialized business education and successful experience in it (after all, in order to successfully manage a business, you need to study for at least 10-15 years and have a “light hand”), then in order to prevent mistakes and the collapse of the business - it is better to transfer it to the management of professionals who will ensure high profits and stable development of business



Now, in world practice, trust management is actively used in agribusiness and in the management of agricultural enterprises, providing the beneficiaries with a steady high income without their personal participation


We take your agricultural enterprise in trust management on certain (but not exclusive) conditions:

  • not less than 1000 hectares in land use

  • proper registration of the land bank

  • preliminary full audit

  • geographical location does matter

  • good credit / banking history

  • purchase / transfer together with equipment and working capital sufficient to complete the production cycle

  • the absence of serious threats to business, the possibility of doing business legally

  • payment of % of corporate rights at the time of the transaction

  • good soil and climatic conditions

  • full confidence and openness to the parties to the transaction

  • full confidentiality of the transaction




Our competitive advantages - we can do business better than other market participants, getting higher profits and stable income not only now, but also in the future. We guarantee confidentiality, increase of market capitalization and business image. Higher profits become possible because the introduction of innovations, green energy, biotechnology achievements, new industrial solutions and technological innovations, modern management and remote control of processes, a global approach are the trumps in which we are strong. By applying them, we will provide business leadership in the global market





Trust management of farms, agribusiness and various agricultural assets not only enables the owner to move away from business, get free time, get rid of subjective factors in management, but also to get higher profits from more efficient management of international professionals




Contact us for trust management of agricultural holdings and agrarian enterprises and obtaining high profits!



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