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Last updated: 2023, Januar 28


Consultant Agricultural Business, Agriculture


Dr. Oleksii Orlov


Alex graduated with honors from NUBIP graduate school (Agricultural Academy, NAU). He holds a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. He has more than 20 years of experience in the Agricultural Business. Prior to joining Agricultural Consulting, Alex worked as a General Director at several leading agricultural holdings: Samarkand Garden, Solar Products, Lauffer, Harvest, Eagleson Farm. He has positive results in multinational companies: BASF, Arysta Life Science (Crompton), and others. He Implemented many successful projects in the field of science, consulting, innovative technologies, agricultural and industrial business, food security.


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Alex Orlov. Professional of agricultural industry, international specialist in the field of innovative agribusiness


The expert announced the strategy of food security. Modern technologies without alternative







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