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Last updated: 2019, June 27


Agronomic support and Services


At the photo - getting of good germination and fall development of winter canola in a year which was very unfavorable for this crop. From this field was given very good yield. This results was obtained due to good agronomic support. Agronomic support, allows you to get a good profit from crop production and agricultural business, even in those conditions when competitors do not profit (photo, Dr. Oleksii Orlov)


Agronomic support is a complex of services provided by high-level professionals with the aim of increasing the profitability of crop production or the production of forage crops. Modern agrarian science does not stand still, so something new is constantly appearing - something that allows you to get extra profit. The use of such competitive advantages allows to obtain higher yields and increase the profitability of agribusiness:

  • Introduction of modern technologies for growing crops

  • Protection of main crops (winter wheat, sunflower, canola, corn, soybean, spring barley, winter barley, sugar beet, peas, sorghum, corn for silage, alfalfa, fodder grass, triticale, etc.)

  • Application of pesticides and agrochemistry

  • Diseases, pests, weeds of agricultural crops. Diagnosis of pests, weeds and diseases. Methods of protection against them

  • Fertilizer system, calculation of the fertilizer rates

  • Control winter hibernation of winter crops, planning of fertilizers applications on the basis of data on wintering

  • Diseases of sunflower and their diagnostics and protection methods

  • Application of fungicides for sunflower

  • Sunflower pests and methods of protection this crop

  • Orobanche of sunflower and protection methods

  • Modern technology of growing and protecting of canola, winter wheat, sunflower, soybean, barley, peas, corn

  • Drawing up of technological maps for the main crops

  • Energy willow and other energy crops. Growing Technologies

  • Use of virgin lands. Technology introduction of forested land in operation

  • Management of crops growing

  • Agricultural Mashinery Management

  • Any other agronomic consultations


Agronomic support services may include any other pre-agreed types of work, and also be combined with other important areas:

  • Modern scientific support of agricultural business projects

  • Calculation of investments in the creation of agricultural business

  • Services for the correct selection of effective agricultural machinery

  • Improving the efficiency of the technologies

  • Increase of energy efficiency of crops growing business

  • Preparing business for climate change

  • Organic farming

  • The introduction of optimal feed supply - fodder production

  • The introduction of a modern system of grazing livestock

  • Implementing No-Till

  • Implementing Strip-Till

  • Precision Farming

  • GPS - control

  • CTF - Controlled traffic farming

  • SDI - underground drip irrigation

  • Online control of business

  • Using drones for spraying fields and fields diagnostic

  • Accurate field area measurement

  • Identification of problem areas in the fields

  • Online observation of fields, daily bypass of fields

  • Determination of the presence of the plow sole and the depth of its occurrence

  • Leaf diagnostics of nitrogen and determination of deficiency of plant nutrients

  • Sampling and soil analysis

  • Fertilizer systems creation services

  • Services of creation of plants protection systems

  • Services of optimal selection of varieties and hybrids

  • Surveyor, bypass and field monitoring services

  • Etc.

To carry out agronomic support, consultants from Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries may also be involved.



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