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Last updated: 2022, June 19



Investment Projects


Agricultural Business, Agriculture, Green Energy, Aquaculture


By investing in our Projects, you provide the best investments, so what we do, we really like, providing the best motivation to work, build an innovative business, create the best companies in the World and achieve the best results in the World!



Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov



Since the population of the Earth is increasing fast - the demand for quality food products is growing fast too, which ensures a stable long-term returns from investments in food production, logistics and processing, agricultural business, aquaculture, green energy and innovations





We work by agreements terms, but here is the basic offer for invest in our Projects :

  • The price of projects: from $ 0.8 million to $ 5 billion

  • The optimal price of projects: from $ 30 million.

  • Investor's contribution: 100%

  • Payback period: from 4 to 15 years

  • Type of property: private property

  • Industries: food production, green energy, innovation

  • Type of investment activity: Creation of a new Company

  • Distribution of profit: 1) - before the return of Investor's investments - 70% of the profit will be received by the Investor, 30% of the profit will be received by the Partner; 2) - after the return of Investor's investments - 50% of the profit will be received by the Investor, 50% of the profit will be received by the Partner

  • Ownership rights to the Company belong to the Investor by 50% and to the Partner by 50%

  • In the case of project management, we usually take 10% of the project cost on a prepayment basis

  • Partner: Agricultural Consulting





Understanding the global markets, an excellent level of knowledge and extensive experience in the business construction and in the management of a profitable business - provides guarantees for the implementation of successful investment projects in the following industries:


  • Aquaculture

  • Agriculture, Agricultural Business, Horticulture, Industry

  • Food production and processing industry, grain storage, export terminals and ports

  • Green Energy (solar, wind, biomass) and Energy Efficiency

  • Innovations

  • Ecological Projects and Wild Life & Environment Protection

  • Indoor Farming





Geography of investments:

  • Norway

  • New Zealand

  • Australia

  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • Portugal

  • Iceland

  • Offshore - islands

  • Canada and USA

  • Ukraine

  • Pacific and Asian Region and other regions

Natural farm investment project. Ecofarm and turnkey organic production of organic food



Aquaculture is one of the most promising types of business that fast developing in last years. Investments in aquaculture are now most justified, as the world market is not yet saturated




Production of organic food - it is a very profitable investment!




Automated plant factories are large-scale production methods that are suitable for production in an controlled indoor environment with an area of more than 2000 m2. The equipment is high-tech and automated, the shelving for growing can be serviced by robots. Such farms also have fully automated irrigation and fertigation, climate control and production line logistics. Sensors and data analysis systems are used to effectively manage the entire system (photo © Philips)



Crops production is a traditional type of business with a stable returns of investments. Agricultural Consulting - experts in innovative agricultural business, therefore, in case of investing in crop production, we guarantee stable long-term income




Livestock and Animal Products Production are a very promising directions of investments, although it has a longer payback period in comparison with crop production and aquaculture. But it is promising because the market of livestock products is far from full saturation, and the demand for quality meat and milk grows annually



Greenhouses - a very good direction of investments, although it requires a lot of capital and resources. In greenhouses, it is possible to produce agricultural crops and vegetables without large risks, since all factors are regulated, which is a great competitive advantage in comparison with outdoor agricultural crops production



Storage (construction of elevators and grain terminals), processing, river and sea logistics, international trade of agricultural products is one of the most profitable and good directions of investments, although it requires very large investments



Solar power stations are the most profitable now energy business in many countries, as the green tariff working. In terms of payback period and the necessary investments - solar green energy is now No. 1 in the energy business, as the era of oil and coal is already leaving irrevocably. Moreover, this business is friendly with agricultural production, and can substantially supplement it, giving a high income. Along with aquaculture - this is a "hit" of investments now



Wind power stations - it provide a stable returns on investments, especially since the electricity generated can be sold at a green tariff. This type of business requires a high initial investments. But this is a very stable business with great prospects for high incomes 



Industrial farms - ensure the production of livestock products with the lowest cost. They are a very profitable direction of investments, as the world market of quality products of animal origin is far from saturation (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)



Innovations, green energy, biotech production, new industrial solutions in agricultural business, technological innovations, globalization are those areas where investments will provide the greatest returns and profit in the future, and provide a stable high income and leadership in the global market for those investors and companies that sell them or apply in their business



Non-standard approach to projects. Innovative and large-scale projects



A good our understanding of how to make agrarian business more profitable, knowledge of how to use the latest and effective world innovations and competitive advantages gives us guarantees for our successful business, its development and high profit!






By investing in our projects, you provide the best investments, so what we do, we really like, providing the best motivation to work, build an innovative business, create the best companies in the World and achieve the best results in the World!




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