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Technical audit and Due Diligence of farms, companies and business

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Last updated: 2023, Januar 27


Technical, technological or operational audit and Due Diligence


This service is for successful companies and for those who want to become better!



A technical audit of agribusiness and industry is not only brings a good additional profit to investors, owners and top management, but also gives many other useful advantages!



Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

A technical audit allows to get high additional profits and increase business efficiency! The photo shows our work in Georgia. Contact us now to increase the efficiency and profitability of the agrarian business!



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Independent consulting and audit is used in the USA, Europe and the British Commonwealth, finally this innovation has will come high profits to you!


Why do we need an audit?


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The owners and management of successful companies are usually successful and smart people who have achieved high results in their business, receive excellent profits and are very well understanding in their business.


But why, then, do they need an audit? This can be compared to the way a doctor of science, an intelligent person, writes a dissertation, and when he wrote and checked, he gives it to several qualified specialists who can tell his something or find mistakes that will make the job even better!


You can compare a successful business with this thesis - let us look at your business, we will compare it with the best and most successful businesses in the World, and surely we will tell you exactly what will be very useful for you, which will give additional profit, reduce risks and save a lot time!


Sometimes it’s worth it — not only to look at the business yourself, but also to let other professionals look at the business with a fresh look, who will guarantee confidentiality and who see how the business is built in the most successful innovative companies in the World.




Than audit, recommendations and support based on it are beneficial for Investors:


  • You can see all the opportunities to get additional profit and evaluate the effectiveness of investments and the real terms of their payback

  • To increase the image of the company, the level of capitalization and the actual price of the company when planning its sale or merger

  • Possibility to carry out actual Due Diligence (due diligence)

  • Time saving

  • Simplify work and solve problems

  • The opportunity to use high-tech innovative technologies and become the No. 1, subsequently receive additional preferences and financial resources for this



Than audit, recommendations and support based on it are beneficial for business Owners:


  • The opportunity to show investors the profitability of investments and not just in words - but in the form of numbers, and the opportunity to give them documented evidence of the need for investment and demonstrate the real terms of their payback

  • Improving the image of the company and increasing the level of capitalization

  • Making high extra profit

  • Reduce management time

  • Work simplification

  • The opportunity to become No. 1




Than an audit, recommendations and support on the basis of it are beneficial for Top  Management - it is doubly profitable if the idea of ​​an audit comes from them:


  • The opportunity to earn more - get a % or premium (from savings or from increasing profits), simplify work and reduce costs and time

  • The opportunity to show the owners and investors the profitability of investments, and not just in words, but in the form of numbers and the opportunity to give them documentary evidence of the need for investment and demonstrate the real terms of their payback. For example, a new harvester or another things are needed for production ... If Top Manager come to the Investor and say: - please buy me a new harvester for $ 300 thousand! That is most likely that Top Manager will receive a rejection. And if you come to the Investor with the results of our independent audit and show the Expert Report to the Investor, where specific numbers will be shown - what additional profit can be obtained as a result and what is the payback period of investments - the Investor will buy this harvester!

  • An opportunity not to wait for an audit, which can be organized by owners and investors, but to initiate an audit for finding those places where profit and profitability are lost, and also to show owners and shareholders own interest to improving the business!

  • In case of receiving high additional profit, to ask from shareholders and investors certain preferences for yourself!


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Technical / technological audit and Due Diligence of the agricultural companies and agricultural business is a revision carried out to check the technological state, the technologies that using and production capacities of agricultural companies of agricultural holding using a set of certain criteria, which makes it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business, assess the development potential of the agricultural company, check where there are losses of financial resources.

As a result of the technical audit, specific recommendations are made for profit growing and for improving the technologies that used - in various sectors of agriculture (for example, in field crops, livestock, storage and processing of agricultural products), improving production capacity, purchasing new equipment and applying innovative technologies. Technical audit provides an opportunity to develop the right strategy aimed at increasing the efficiency of the farmer business or for agricultural holding company and gaining additional profit from the implementation of this strategy.

  • Technical audit of the company allows you to fully understand the situation in which the company is. A technical audit allows you to identify existing shortcomings and points where money is lost. Optimize operations and significantly reduce costs

  • Even if the business is profitable, a technical audit will help to understand how it is possible to increase the profit receiving from this business, reduce time costs and risks

  • It is advisable to made a full technological audit and Due Diligence (due diligence) of enterprises before purchasing them, or investing funds in the enterprise. And it is also desirable to conduct an audit periodically every few years, in order to increase the profit received from the enterprise

  • Usually, the funds invested in the audit returns off many times already from the first months after the audit, in the case if the business owner follows the recommendations received as a result of the audit

Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov



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