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Last updated: 2020, August 9


Online Rating of Agricultural Holding Companies of Ukraine 2019-2020 by the size of the land bank from Agricultural Consulting


This rating will be constantly updated and expanded online, so check back here often!



This rating takes into account only the size of the land bank. Indicators such as others, other than the land bank, the assets and businesses of these companies, market capitalization, finance, investment, turnover, profitability and business prospects are not taken into account. Only current total business development rating marked as positive (), neutral () or negative ().


The rating is based by analysis of open information, open company reports, as well as insider information and media data.


The rating does not take into account private agricultural holding companies and land banks that do not have an official management company.


Also, this rating did not take into account agricultural holding companies that are in the process of liquidation or all of whose property was arrested by international courts.


The land bank of companies that located in the territories of the ORDLO (Separate Districts of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions) and the Crimea was not counted in this rating.


A land bank is understood as the amount of land cultivated and used as pasture.


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Link to company website Name of company Land bank, thousand hectares Land bank dynamics (increase or decrease) Positive (), neutral () or negative () total rating











NCH (Agroprosperis)



4 MHP (Group of Companies PrJSC "Mironivsky Hliboproduct") 370


5 Astarta 210


6 HarvEast 147
7 Epicenter Agro 127,5
8 IMC (Industrial Milk Company) 123,9


9 Мрия 119



11 Agricultural Company "Svitanok" 90


13 ТАS Agro 83
14 LNZ Group 80


15  UkrAgroCom-Hermes-Trading, Group of Companies (AgroVista) 75
16 Agrotrade 72
17 Panda 62
18 Vitagro 60


19 Svarog 60
20 Rostok-Holding 57

Agromino + Resilient 53
22 AgroGeneration (Harmelia Holdings + AgroGeneration) 48


23 AST (Agricultural System Technologies) 47
24 Agroton 40
25 BZK 38




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The information in this Publication applies exclusively to specified companies and is based on open sources. There may be present or appear new information that was not considered in this rating. Data, information and combinations of factors that are not previously known may also be identified. Exact information about the land fund of a company is present only in the company itself, since the land fund of the companies is in constant dynamics. And the data about the volumes of land banks presented in this Publication may be inaccurate or outdated. Information about the land bank of companies and the dynamics of the land fund may vary, depending on various factors, the mergers and acquisitions of companies, optimization of the land bank, various expert opinions, market and political factors, time and other reasons. Various combinations of subjective and objective factors influencing the receipt of practical information may also arise. All information in this Publication is provided for informational purposes only and should be applied in practice only in combination with personal experience and knowledge, obtaining information from participating companies of this rating and obtaining qualified advice from Agricultural Consulting professionals. In case of doubt, it is recommended to conduct your own research or contact the company of interest for information, in order to determine the size of the land bank of a company. Only after that use this information. The author is not responsible for the use of information contained in this publication and the consequences of the use of such information.










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