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Last updated: 2019, June 12


Business Projects and creation of Modern Agricultural Business turnkey. Projects Management







(photo ©Dr. Oleksii Orlov)



(photo ©Dr. Oleksii Orlov)


We create a New. This can be a variety of projects - from small (for example, the creation of SDI drip irrigation system) - to grandiose multinational projects (for example, the construction of modern food production business that have no analogues in the World)!


(photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)

Greenhouses - the creation of super-modern greenhouse complexes



For example, you want to buy an agricultural company and build on its base the modern dairy farm, which will produce quality products. Or for creation of holding company from some farms


We can do it and will be able to create a profitable farming business for you, put it into operation and accompany this project until the payback period.


Aquaculture and traditional farms - creating of profitable business


To create a good and profitable agricultural business or farm is not so easy, is need to be a good professional in this industry. Needed to conduct marketing research and analyze the markets volume, draw up the business plan and calculate the investments, and after that, need to decide on the place where it is better to buy the agricultural company with lands - further, need to audit the agricultural company and set the good results in crops production and implement of online control system, optimize personnel structure - without this everything is impossible further steps. Then to establish the production and storage of feed, prepare the project and start the construction of the modern farming business - to bring the equipment and build a farming business - select and deliver cows or other biological resources - install software and online control systems - run the business and ensure the production of quality products in the right amount, establish logistics of the finished products. This is a very difficult job, but we are ready to take this responsibility on ourselves!


(photo ©Dr. Oleksii Orlov)

Crop production and processing of crops products - the creation of innovative agribusiness


Agro-projects can be of different and are aimed to upgrading existing capacities - for example, increasing energy efficiency in crop production - so that less diesel fuel and other resources are spent, or building a solar power stations based on a farm, or simply optimizing the costs for growing wheat and sunflower. But all this should unite one - getting high additional profit and reducing the time that spent for a business management.


Main business directions of our Service:

  • Agriculture

  • Aquaculture

  • Green Energy (solar, wind, biomass) and Energy Efficiency

  • Ecological Projects and Wild Life & Environment Protection


Specificity of some of our projects (as an example):

  • Сreation of agricultural holdings companies

  • Green energy, including large-scale projects

  • Industry, export and grain terminals and logistic

  • Precision Farming and  Precision Aquaculture, Resources Online Control, IPM, CTF, RAS, PFF, UAV, ROV

  • Business planning, design and construction of super-modern farms, providing them with all the resources

  • Economical Geography Analysis

  • Crop production

  • Plant protection and fertilization

  • Strip-Till & No-Till, Mini-Till, modern and classical farming systems

  • Irrigated agriculture, SDI

  • Agricultural machines. Agricultural equipment

  • Storage and processing of crops products

  • Grain terminals, seed, oil extracting and feed mills

  • Seed production, plant breeding and selection

  • Feed production and feeding

  • Dairy cows

  • Meat cows

  • Pigs

  • Sheep and goats

  • Deers

  • Poultry farming

  • Modern greenhouses

  • Aquaculture and aquaponics

  • Processing of livestock products (dairy products, meat, etc.)

  • Distribution and logistics in agriculture

  • Management of farms and agricultural business, etc.

We can also take up to work that no one has done before.



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