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Last updated: 2021, March 25


Business planning of agrarian business. Agricultural projects support


For obtaining a high profits, it is very important not to make mistakes from the very beginning, from the moment the business starts. Since such errors will be impossible to fix in the future. Therefore, proper business planning is very important for any business (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov). Contact to Agricultural Consulting!


The most important time for starting any business is before the moment that you "dug the first hole for the foundation"... All major mistakes are made up before of this moment! If you planned something wrong, that it will be very difficult to fix after, and most often impossible! There is one mistake and you will suffer for 30-40 years! Therefore, you need correct calculations and a good Business Plan! Contact to Agricultural Consulting!


The first sign of a bad owner is when 2-3 years pass and he fails to achieve the desired profit. And the owner has a question: - What am I doing wrong? To get an answer to this question, should look into the Business Plan, everything should be written there. And if there is no Business Plan? Therefore, the first and most important question before starting any business it is the correct miscalculation and a good Business Plan! Consulting!Contact to Agricultural Consulting!


We provide business planning services, writing business plans on various aspects of agricultural business, aquaculture, agriculture, green energy and energy efficiency and in the construction of various types of agricultural business and food production. Project management and supporting the business of industry, agricultural crops production, livestock, the storage and processing of agricultural products. We carry out these types of work at the highest level of quality!


Great business planning saves you a lot of money by avoiding miscalculations and mistakes. Often the mistakes that made at the planning stage, then it is already impossible to fix and eliminate. A business without a good professional business plan may not only not make a profit, but also be unprofitable. Professional business planning is the key to success and sustainable development! Contact to Agricultural Consulting!


We also carry out business planning, reviewing and calculations in selected areas (not only):

  • industry

  • crops and horticulture

  • livestock

  • processing

  • green energy and energy efficiency

  • aquaculture

  • poultry

  • trade in agribusiness

  • ecology

  • and others


We analyze the economic indicators of the enterprise, comparison with the leading enterprises of the industry in order to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, reduce costs and generate additional profit.


We calculate the schedule of cash flows for different periods of time up to 50 years - this helps to plan the return on investment and determine the impact of certain financial transactions on the total profit of the enterprise.



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