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Last updated: 2022, June 12


Pests Control Advising Service. Integrated Pest Management Service. Fertilisers and Pesticides Management

Creation of modern systems for fertilisers and chemicals application for your farming


Consulting of agronomy, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural chemistry, weeds, pests and diseases, crating of a list of the necessary pesticides and agricultural chemicals and their profitable using




It is important not only to have good equipment for spraying and fertilizing, but it is very important to develop a good system for applying of plant protection products and applying fertilizers and agrochemicals, taking into account local conditions - this not only saves significant money, but also brings high additional profit. Our service can help with this, please contact us!




In our experience, an independent audit of the Enterprise and a tender for the purchase of plant protection products and agricultural chemistry can save / earn even for a relatively small enterprise 800-1200 hectares - an amount of 15-60 thousand euros per season. For horticulture this sum will be significant more!


And also as a result of the audit and constant support of the business throughout the season - to get additional profit from the right use of agricultural chemistry of 50-100 thousand euros annually!



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Chemigation and fertigation consulting for horticulture, greenhouses, vegetables and crops. Pests Control Advising



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Pests Control Advising Service. Advice for pests, diseases and weeds control and right pesticides selection

Diseases, pests and weeds, no inflectional diseases and lack of nutrients - a comprehensive audit, diagnosis and management. Mapping the distribution of weeds, pests and diseases for each field. Creating a database and storing data for each field - which weeds, pests and diseases are present, when and at what rates pesticides and fertilizers were applied - is very important, since the data is not lost and there is a field history, you can determine the after-effects of herbicides even after a few years.


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Comprehensive analysis and audit of technologies, conditions of the enterprise, fields and soil, taking into account agronomic requirements and climatic conditions - we can not only analyze the soil, but can also analyze a set of other factors - climatic conditions, soil structure and other indicators, relief, agronomic requirements, which is very important for creating of the correct system of fertilizers application when growing a particular crop at your fields.


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Diagnosis of already growing crops for the needs to fertilize, leaf diagnostics of plants - we determine whether plants are under stress, whether there is a lack of nutrients - it is very important to know when feeding plants during the growing season and it important for using of others agricultural chemicals.


Modern fertilization of sugar beet with fertilizers using CTF technology. At the same time, weeds are destroyed and fertilizers are applied to the row-spacing soil (ROW-MASTER RN 8100 S with FERTI-BOX FB2000F)



Integrated Pest Management Service. Creating and Development of modern integrated plant protection systems and the use of micronutrient fertilizers for agricultural companies and farmers

We develop from scratch and optimize the existing various modern plant protection systems. It is very important for agricultural companies and farmers to have a modern, good plant protection system designed specifically for local conditions. And another very important point - the plant protection system should be developed by an independent specialist who is not interested in selling certain chemicals and agrochemicals. Agricultural holding companies and farmers may be a “friends” with certain chemical companies, but often such “friendships” lead to multimillion-dollar loss of profit. As it is possible to using not so expensive decisions of exist problems and alternative chemicals. It is also important to choose herbicides so that there is no after-effect on subsequent crops in crop rotation. We offer an independent development of the most advanced plant protection systems. And we guarantee additional profit.


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Development of modern plant protection systems for chemical companies - we develop elaborate plant protection systems specifically for the existing spectrum of plant protection chemicals, micronutrient fertilizers and agrochemicals, which can significantly increase sales efficiency. We will also help to identify promising products that are necessary for agricultural producers.


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The development of modern fertilizer and agrochemical application systems for farmers, agricultural companies, agricultural holdings and chemical companies - it is very important to have a good and modern fertilizer application system, since the wrong fertilizer application system means very high yield losses. We propose the development of fertilizer application systems according to the highest international standards, depending on local conditions, climate, soil, forecasts, planned yield, soil properties and taking into account the characteristics of various types of fertilizers and methods of their application. The modern fertilizer application system brings a very high additional profit in the first season of its application.


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Services for the development of optimal methods and timing for the application of fertilizers, plant protection agents and agrochemicals — the correct creation, optimization and development of all all technological elements and the correct selection of equipment will help to avoid large losses of financial resources and allow you to get high additional profit in the first year of using the products we developed technology.


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The right selection and agronomy recommendations of agricultural equipment for fertilizing, plant protection products and agrochemicals application - which will be better especially in your conditions. We carry out selection of equipment and agricultural machines independent of suppliers - this is exactly what you need for local conditions, and not what is at the moment need to sell right now to equipment manufacturers.



Optimization of existing systems for the application of plant protection products and fertilizers - that is, those places where money is lost and recommendations for their elimination!


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Work with complaints on the application of plant protection products for chemical companies - going to the field and identifying the real causes of the problems with the application of plant protection products. 


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Selection and choice advising of pesticides, agrochemicals and fertilizers and ndependent tenders for the supply of plant protection products - we are very well knowledge in modern agricultural chemistry and pesticides, and we do not sell pesticides! Therefore, we recommend you such an option to reduce costs and make your investments optimal!


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