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The information in this publication applies exclusively to these technologies, hybrids and varieties, chemicals, fertilizers, pests, their species and races. There may be appear or are races of pathogens and species of pests that are resistant to the some rates of agrochemicals. Negative effects from the use of one or another agrochemical or combination of factors that are not previously known can also be detected. Other races of pathogenic organisms and types of pests, diseases, and weeds can exist or arise that can overcome the resistance of plants and become resistant to the use of pesticides. The specificity of the impact of certain types of pests can vary, depending on various environmental factors, soil and climatic conditions, time and place of observation, technology of cultivation and for other reasons. It is strongly recommended to use combinations of various pest control methods, such as strict adherence to the cultivation technology, regulations on the use of pesticides, crop rotations, and spatial isolation. Various combinations of subjective and objective factors may also arise that influence the practical results in the cultivation of plants. All the information in this site is for informational purposes only and should be applied in practice only in combination with own experience and knowledge of local conditions and obtaining qualified advice from Agricultural Consulting professionals. In case of doubt, it is recommended to conduct a study in a small area of ​​the field in local conditions, in order to determine the effectiveness of an agrotechnical reception, or an agrochemical, and their effect on plants and their yield. Only after that use them. The author is not responsible for the use of information contained in this publication.







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