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Last updated: 2019,  June 13



Consulting of the state, international organizations and private structures - agriculture, food production, food security, agricultural business




We provide top-level consultations for international, governmental, state organizations and structures and private business in the following areas:


  • global projects

  • food security

  • globalization and food production

  • sustainable and stable development of agriculture and food production

  • investment activities in agriculture, aquaculture and food

  • creation, support, promotion and popularization of national and international projects in agriculture and food production

  • yields forecasting and various forecasts

  • green energy

  • countering and protection of the influence of climate change and global climate change, global warming

  • risk management

  • strategic risk management

  • expert opinions and estimates of the highest international level

  • research

  • improving the efficiency of food production

  • reducing resource costs for the sustainable development of agriculture and food at the national and international level

  • soil conservation and protection

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • environmental projects and protection of wildlife

  • improving the quality of agricultural products and food

  • increasing yields and food production

  • aquaculture and the use of marine and water resources for food production

  • analytics

  • mplementation of modern technologies in agriculture and aquaculture and food

  • creation of programs

  • investment projects - creation and support

  • promotion of major programs for agriculture

  • promotion of consulting and government programs

  • energy efficiency

  • the introduction of the latest global innovations and modern technologies

  • recommendations for the development of logistics, infrastructure and exports

  • education and trainings of farmers, promotion of critical knowledge for farmers

  • and so on





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