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Last updated: 2019, April 09

Dr. Oleksii Orlov


PhD of Agricultural Sciences. Professional, agro-industrialist and international level specialist of innovative agricultural business management

A pioneer in the field of improvement of modern technologies in agricultural business, in particular crop and feed production. He is the one of the best experts in the field of agricultural production management. Dr. Oleksii Orlov, also has a rich portfolio of developments in the field of increasing the profitability of agricultural business through the use of modern innovations in crops and livestock farming


  • Agricultural Business Management

  • Crops and forage production

  • Livestock

  • Creation of energy-efficient ultra-modern farms and greenhouses

  • Audit of Agricultural Business and improving its profitability

  • Elevators and Processing Industry

In new World It is important to know how knowledge in these all areas in order to possibility to build a successful international agricultural business






Book "Sunflower: biology, cultivation, diseases and pests protection". Dr. Oleksii Orlov  


Only one professional edition for the Agricultural Producers for sunflower growing with using of modern technologies that are radically different from the methods used decades ago. This book, written by Dr. Oleksii Orlov that very known as professional of agricultural bussiness on the basis of their own experience and analysis of global achievements.

This book is for the farmer. You will find in it exactly the information that is needed for maximum yield: a description of the most advanced production technologies, advanced methods of soil preparation and the best to date means of pesticides and fertilizers; list of tested varieties and hybrids from the world's best seed producers; description of the most common pests and diseases and how to deal with them; description of machinery and tools needed for successfull growing of sunflower.

In the book of 500 color photo, charts, graphs and drawings. "Sunflower" - is not just a unique book. This is a book that all was expected.

624 p., 2013, ISBN 978-966-1560-07-8


Coming Soon! 2nd Edition of this Book!



















































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  • Dr. Oleksii Orlov. Book. Sunflower:  biology, cultivation, diseases and pests protection/ - Kiev: "Grain" Publishing House. - 2013. - 624 p.



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