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Technical audit and Due Diligence of farms, companies and business

Projects Management - business projects and creation of modern farms turnkey

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Last updated: 2023, July 31


Services of precision farming projects, agricultural control systems and innovative technologies in agribusiness and aquaculture 




Services for the creation and implementation of innovative technologies and systems for modern agricultural and food business and aquaculture





The using of innovative technologies leads to significant additional profit, saving time and reducing risks - for those who use them correctly!





Services of creation, improving efficiency and management:

  • Agricultural Control Systems

  • Precision farming projects and audit of their effectiveness

  • Agronomy support of all innovative technologies and projects (for example - analysis of drone monitoring results)

  • Audit of practical results and economic and profit calculation of using innovations

  • Precision farming

  • PCF

  • SDI

  • IPM

  • Strip-Till & No-Till

  • CTF

  • GPS control

  • Biotechnology

  • Bio-farming

  • Indoor farming

  • GMO crops and plants

  • RAS

  • AFS, cavitation technology

  • Laser technologies

  • Offshore and indoor aquaculture

  • Aquaculture Innovations

  • Precision Fish Farming, PFF

  • Robots and automation

  • Proper using of robots, calculation of their economic efficiency, operational audit

  • IoT

  • Online monitoring and remote resource control

  • Use of drones, ROV in agriculture and agribusiness

  • Phytosanitary monitoring with drones

  • Drone Spraying

  • Strategic consulting

  • Business Management and Global Development

  • Projects management

  • Improving business activities and increasing profits of industry, exporters, farmers large agricultural holdings and agricultural companies, green energy, creating a large agricultural business from scratch, including abroad (agricultural holdings, crops production, industrial orchards, irrigation, farms, greenhouses, elevators, livestock), industry, processing of agricultural products; aquaculture, sea and river grain terminals

  • Technological audit of enterprises and farming

  • Analysis and Due Diligence of enterprises and investment opportunities

  • Correct investments calculation

  • Crops fields technological audit and monitoring

  • Management of innovative projects (for example, the creation of innovative research stations, and ultramodern production facilities)

  • Increasing the profitability of the agrarian business in modern conditions

  • Audit and monitoring the effectiveness of using innovative technologies

  • Agriculture, aquaculture and food production in dry and desert climatic conditions

  • Farms of Future creation




The transition to the CTF system provides a significant simplification of the work and leads to obtaining of significant additional profit for those who correctly implemented it in their own agribusiness. At the same time, this system is not expensive







The use of modern drones in agriculture



To develop and introduce innovations, it means - to change something for the better - and this is a very difficult job!


Innovations, green energy, biotechnological production, new industrial solutions in agribusiness and food production, technological innovations, globalization - these are the directions in which investments will provide the greatest income in the future and provide stable high income and leadership in the World market for those companies that sell them or apply in their business!





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