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Last updated: 2019, July 9




Audit of greenhouses and modern greenhouse complexes, consulting, projects, analytics



The photo is one of the most modern and largest greenhouse complexes in Europe. As a result of our technical audit, we identified many shortcomings in: technologies for growing crops, security system, remote process control, management and management of this complex, provision of resources, product marketing and logistics, risk management, construction works. Recommendations were developed for the owners of this complex to improve their activities, the implementation of which will make it possible to obtain up to 40-50% of additional profit per year compared to the level of profitability at the time of the audit (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)



The purpose of a full technological audit of greenhouse complexes: a full analysis of the enterprise’s activities is carried out in order to determine the company's compliance with modern requirements, identify deficiencies and identify those points where money is lost. Preparation of recommendations - what can be done right now to increase profitability.


Profit is obtained from the first visit to the enterprise.


Even in the best enterprise, you can find what to improve and as a result obtain additional profit, reduce time costs, simplify work and increase efficiency.


A standard full technological audit of greenhouse complexes includes a trip to the object (s) with the subsequent provision of a full photo report / expert report (the report can be provided in English).


Departure to the object (s) usually takes 1-4 business daylight hours.


During the visit, the facility (s) are undergoing a full technological audit, greenhouses and facilities are inspected, employees are interviewed and information is collected. The report is provided after the visit to the object (s).



In the photo - an audit at one of the most modern and largest greenhouse complexes in Europe. A full technological audit of all aspects of its activity was carried out - from geographical location and technical support to the prospects for stable business development in the future (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)


Description of the possible types of work during the technological audit of greenhouse complexes:

  • Projects calculation, consulting, analytics, comparison with competitors and other issues

  • Inspection at enterprises of the agro-industrial complex (greenhouse complexes), according to customer requirements

  • Documentation control. Documentation compliance check - what is stated in the documents, and what actually is

  • Verification of collateral objects, goods, condition of crops

  • Geographic location and business history

  • Analysis of applied technologies in crop production, logistics, storage and processing, etc.

  • Analysis of production capacity, greenhouses and equipment

  • Opportunities to increase yields

  • Brief Energy Efficiency Analysis

  •  Risks analysis

  • Environmental risk analysis

  • Sales analysis

  • Analysis of the supply of resources

  • Analysis of the use and condition of agricultural equipment

  • Evaluation of the market price and improvement of using of agricultural machinery, mechanisms and means of production

  • Assessment of inventories and reserves of resources (products, diesel fuel, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, etc.)

  • Personnel structure, motivation and efficiency of employees

  • Management and control system

  • Analysis of the financial condition of the company

  • Legal Analysis

  • Communications - water, electricity, access roads, availability of resources for construction (sand, etc.)

  • Soils and Substrates

  • Natural conditions for doing business

  • Land use analysis

  • Business expansion opportunities

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Security and safety system

  • Logistics System Analysis

  • Conclusions and suggestions for improving the business

  • Reporting or issuing an Expert Report


In some cases, other, previously agreed works is carried out.



The photo from a technological audit of crop production at one of the most modern and largest greenhouse complexes in Europe. Errors in the cycles and technologies of growing various crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, salad products) were revealed. The analysis of personnel potential of agronomists and other specialists engaged in crop production was carried out. Recommendations were prepared that allow to significantly increase the productivity and quality of products (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)




The photo from a technological audit of the logistics, sales and technical support system, as well as buildings and structures, at one of the most modern and largest greenhouse complexes in Europe (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)




The high level of knowledge in agronomy, agrarian business and understanding of the situation as a whole allowed Agricultural Consulting to successfully conduct an audit in one of the most modern and largest greenhouse complexes in Europe. In the photo - part of the work done (analysis of the technology of growing cucumbers and lettuce). In addition to analyzing technologies, a comparison was made of performance indicators with competitors and recommendations were developed for improving the entire production process and the business as a whole (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)







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