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Last updated: 2021, May 5



Consulting Service Horticulture.

Services for creation of modern industrial Horticultural Projects. Increasing the efficiency of Horticulture. Turnkey Horticulture Projects


We provide services for horticulture, design and establishment of horticultural projects and orchards and increasing their efficiency:


  • Horticultural Consulting Services

  • Horticulture Investment Projects

  • Project management, creation and project management

  • Management, increasing the profitability and effectiveness of Horticulture

  • Audit of Horticulture, full audit of conditions for establishment of orchards and horticultural projects



A good audit of the horticulture not only allows to prepare the right recommendations for improving the business, but also sets the fundament for creating a business plan. A good business plan makes it possible to implement improvements, avoids mistakes, makes the business more efficient and give possibility to the sustainable development of the business over the years!



Innovative technologies allow not only to simplify the work and increase its efficiency, but also to obtain high additional profits in horticulture!


  • Precision Horticulture


It is very important not only to correctly and timely perform all the work in the horticulture, but you also need to love your job - and do a good job!


  • Using drones in the horticulture

  • Horticulture design

  • Preparation of the field for establishment of orchards

  • Tillage and good soil preparation

  • Marking the field for orchard


It is very important to properly prepare the soil before planting of orchard or plantation of grape or berries


Proper soil preparation is the key to success when planting a new orchard or plantation!


In order to get fruits of high quality and the desired caliber, it is necessary to plan and calculate all the work correctly


  • Selection and order of planting material of the best varieties

  • Concrete poles, trellis for modern orchards

  • Systems for hail protection, protection for frozen and birds and sunburn


Special systems to protect against hail, birds and sunburn can be fully automated and can eliminate the risks of death and damage to the orchard


  • Communication systems in horticulture

  • Creating a horticulture irrigation system

  • Irrigation in modern horticulture


It is very important to initially plan and create the good horticulture irrigation system - only in this case the vineyard or orchard will given good yield and high profits, and the costs will decrease


  • Buying the most efficient machinery and agricultural equipment for the horticulture

  • Right agricultural machinery Management

  • Creating a horticulture plant protection system, calculating the use of agricultural chemistry

  • Integrated Pest Management in horticulture

  • Proper spraying and using chemistry in orchard


In case of observance of cultivation technologies, regular and timely monitoring, proper selection of varieties, good care - plantations give a very good profit!


  • Creating a fertilizer system for horticulture

  • Modern orchard protection system against weeds

  • Orchard pruning and training

  • Orchard care

  • Modern orchard care and management technologies


Modern technology allows you to successfully grow a orchard and get high profits, even in desert conditions!


  • Phytosanitary monitoring, diagnosis of pests, diseases and weeds, development of modern pests and weeds protection system

  • Harvest Optimization

  • Modern machines for automatic harvesting


A modern orchard in good conditions gives maximum profit in the case when most of the processes are automated. And the most laborious process in the horticulture is harvesting. Therefore, the use of harvesting machines is always justified. Machines must be correctly selected, and preferably even before creation of orchard!


  • Improving internal and external logistics in horticulture

  • Horticulture Products Processing

  • Organic Horticulture, environmentally friendly products production

  • Tropical and Desert Horticulture

  • Horticulture management, improving the efficiency of an existing and using orchard


Proper maintenance of the orchard or vineyard or berry plantation, allows to get high additional profit


  • Distance horticulture control

  • Business development and expansion


A well-thought-out pruning system is critical to getting a high yield in the horticulture! Even one month lost can negate all previous investments in the orchard!


Effective horticulture management is very important for high profits!






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