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Last updated: 2019, June 13


The expert voiced the Ukrainian strategy for Food Security. Modern technologies without alternative


Dr. Oleksii Orlov, a leading expert of Agriculture, Food Production and Modern Technologies in the Agricultural business, shared most important strategy. It is interesting to see what goals and objectives are seen by the best international expert in enhancing the Food Security of not only our state and Europe, but also the World. Moreover, it is quite possible to realize these possible goals, since Ukraine already now is not only among the few countries that are World leaders in food exports, but also has a huge potential for increasing the export size of excellent food products. So, the points:




Private ownership for land, as in the richest countries in Europe, in British Commonwealth of Nations and in United States. Without options and fantasies about the "moratorium" that some Ukrainian politicians like to talk about. Private property is the basis of the World economy and stability. As well as the opportunity for farmers business to attract additional loans, and for pensioners living in rural areas is a good opportunity to sell land and get excellent income, exceeding the amount of annual land rent by 7-10 times. We already know the hard way how it ends when many old people living in villages and without relatives die and cannot see this money. And private ownership of land it is reliable and secure. And a good signal to the whole World.



The introduction of protective duties for the export of unprocessed raw materials - grains, oilseeds, sunflower, soybeans. This will lead to the fact that large exporters invest and build processing facilities in Ukraine, and will export products with higher added value. And they will not export raw materials from Ukraine, which has a low price. Thus, new jobs will be created, and the amount of money remaining in Ukraine will increase. Farmers will also get more money, because processing companies pay more for grain than exporters. This will lead to an increase in wealth.



Investments in modern logistics - by roads and by water. Ukraine has a unique and strategically important location, which provides advantages in export and logistics. Not many countries in the World have such advantages. This item is in harmony with the second point and very important to ensure food security. It is impossible to breed corruption due to bans on the movement of grain carriers trains by the roads, and can not penalize farmers and exporters for large trucks - grain trains on the roads. These trucks make money for the country. It is necessary to build modern ports and good, durable roads from modern concrete, designed for such trucks - both in Australia and the USA - in countries with the most advanced agrarian logistics in the World, and that providing the World with food. The construction of concrete roads is perpetual roads without repair and high costs for their operation and the absence of corruption. And also - this is a significant reduction in the cost of transporting grain.



Reduction to a minimum of state regulation of the agrarian business in Ukraine. In its current form, from the Ministry of Agriculture and other structures involved in the regulation of the agrarian sector is more harm than good. This is a factor hindering the increasing in the area of production of quality food in Ukraine. Using online systems for state environmental control and biosafety in animal and poultry industry.



Prohibition of mixed fodder antibiotics, which are now widely used in poultry, animal and fish products industry. Control of mycotoxins in food. Do not want to die from an unknown bacterial infection resistant to antibiotics. This is the basis of the biosafety of the state and each person.



Promotion for farmers and farmers at the state level of the most important scientific achievements and technologies that will improve the quality of products, increasing production and will effectively counter climate change. It is important for food security: protection of climate change, adherence to modern technologies, energy efficiency, green energy, soil protection, environmental protection, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating forest belts, CTF, soil protection technologies, innovative agrochemistry, GMO crops and modern genetics, energy efficient machinery, and others.



Agrarian education. Everyone knows that any good farmer will give the odds to any professor from an agricultural university by the level of his practical agricultural knowledge. It should be the other way around. Agrarian education reform is needed - the transformation from theoretical to practical.



Development and promotion of Agricultural Consulting at the state level. Often, farmers get a small stable income and do not want to change anything. The same applies to the state. The task of Agricultural Consulting is to advise the state and promote innovations to farmers, to increasing the profitability of the farming business and to increase the efficiency of agriculture as a whole.



Available financing. Without financing, progress in the agrarian business is impossible. Poor technical support, in most cases, is a consequence of the fact that it is practically impossible for a farmer to take a loan from a bank. As well as the current loan price of 45-50%, this is a very heavy amount. And for farmers in eastern Ukraine, thanks to the order of the National Bank of Ukraine, obtaining a bank loan is not possible at all.



Reducing tax pressure on farmers. It is no secret that the latest changes to the Tax Code were adopted without any calculations. How was it possible to tax for farmers with an additional tax of 20% (VAT), with an average profitability of agricultural business of 24%? It is no secret that the work of the harvester and the miner is the hardest. Who will be very hard to work - in the heat and in the cold, in dust and mud - for 4%? Therefore, the entire agricultural business and left "in the shade" - and grain producers and exporters. Since they have no way out - farmers, if they do not sell grain for cash, they will go bankrupt. Therefore, they sell grain for “cash”, and exporters buy it for “cash”. So by bank transfer to buy good grain is unrealistic. This very much breeds corruption and corruption is very happy with this tax, as it gives the opportunity to receive "kickbacks" from both farmers and exporters.



Technical re-equipment of agrarian business and processing industry, introduction of modern technologies - automation, energy efficiency, CTF, online remote control of resources, Precision Farming, RAS, PFF, IPM, SDI, Strip-Till & No-Till, and others. Progress is our friend, which allows the farmer to obtain additional income and increase the production of high-quality food for the state.



Development of livestock, greenhouses, horticulture and vegetable growing, as well as storage and processing industry. This is a very high additional profit, both for the farmer and for the state as a whole.



The Blue Revolution. We live in an era when high technology allows us to grow food not only on land, but also in the sea. The development of aquaculture and aquaponics will double food production.



Green Energy. Restore green fare. Using green energy is 4-6 times cheaper than gas! Stimulating the development of innovative green energy. Although this is opposed by the corrupt energy lobby, it is a sin not to develop green energy. And no one needs to say that energy security is the security of the state. For example, in Britain, green energy has already become more profitable than the traditional one. And wages in this sector are already much higher there. Green energy is great and necessary. Since in the 2020s - the era of oil will come to an end, we must be ready for this!



Integration with the European agricultural ad food market, the earliest granting Ukraine membership in the EU. This will give additional markets, investments, technology and cheap loans for progressive farmers.



Significant increase in Western investment in the agrarian sector of Ukraine. An important emphasis that correlates well with all the previous points. We need guarantees of the inviolability of private property, stable tax rules for agribusiness and a reduction in the number of regulatory bodies. There is no need to reinvent the bicycle - need to do everything according to ready-made western drawings.




This Program is very important and positive. But the top of naivety is to think that everything is organized by itself. It is necessary to support, promote and develop all points of this Program - this will give impulse to the development of agriculture and ensure the food security of the state. Thanks to the introduction of innovations, it is possible to increase food production in Ukraine by 4-5 times, in comparison with the current level! Food security is the basis of the state's development.






















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