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Last updated: 2022, June 12




Why do peppers withering and die in the greenhouse?




Dr. Oleksii Orlov, PhD in Agriculture



This section will be constantly updated and expanded, so come back often!



Peppers fade in the greenhouse why? When growing peppers and other vegetables, farmers often see the fact that plants suddenly fade. Wilting can be associated with the action of various factors, as well as their combination. Only a good specialist can determine the cause


The most common causes of pepper withering are as follows:

  • lack of soil moisture

  • direct sunlight, sunburn

  • the effect of frost, in which case after some time there is a blackening of the leaves

  • Fusarium wilt (Fusarium annuum and F. oxysporum)

  • bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum, etc.)

  • root damage by soil pests

  • root damage by moles (Talpidae) or mole rats (Spalax)

  • phytophthora wilt (Phytophthora capsici)

  • verticiliac wilt (Verticillium dahliae and V. albo-atrum)

  • rhizoctonia wilt (Rhizoctonia solani)

  • infectious diseases - fungal, bacterial, viral

  • non-infectious diseases of different nature caused by the violation of growing conditions

  • acidity of soils

  • very high temperature in the greenhouse

  • herbicide action and aftereffect

  • the effect of elevated rates of agrochemicals and fertilizers during fertigation

  • mechanical damage

  • different pest damage

  • nematodes

  • fumigant action

  • other reasons and their combinations ...



One of the reasons why peppers can die and withering in the greenhouse can be a strong defeat of plants with phytophthora blight, as in this photo, the peppers rot, the pepper plants withering




To be continued.....






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