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Last updated: 2022, June 23


Independent Selection and Management of agricultural machinery. Optimization of the use of equipment and machines. Field works quality control and audit services



Photo source: CLAAS


It is important not only to have good equipment for carrying out the entire range of agricultural works, but it is also very important to correctly calculate the investments and select exactly those machines that will bring the maximum possible profit per 1 ha and per 1 ton of production. To do this, you need to develop a good technological system, taking into account local conditions - this not only simplifies of management and saves  money, but also brings high additional profit and reduce risks. For example, in this way you can save more than significant money and time during the purchase of equipment and earn much more money and time later! Quality control of all works is also very important! Contact independent experts from Agricultural Consulting for this!



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Quality control of field works and technological operations


Quality control of field works and technological operations and Independent control of the quality of crops and future yield are very important for obtaining long-term and stable results and increasing the efficiency of agribusiness! Contact Agricultural Consulting for effective planning and independent quality control of works!


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

At the photo - quality control  of sowing winter rapeseed from Agricultural Consulting Service expert




Please read also about why service of independent experts so important!







Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

The photo shows a completely lost corn field as a result of a violation of the quality of soil cultivation by the contractor. There was also an untimely spraying of the herbicide - by the way, a very expensive herbicide! All the money spent on this field was just thrown away! But it would be possible to invite in advance independent professional experts from Agricultural Consulting for consult, planning and control the quality of works - and this would not have happened. Photo: 1.07.2020, Ukraine



Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Incorrect fertilization it is always the way to results of large financial losses, as in the fields of this farmer in France. In this case, the independent expert from Agricultural Consulting Service recommended improvements in fertilization methods and the correct selection of fertilizers and machines that increased business efficiency. Photo: 19.06.2018, France



Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

At this field in France, a farmer grew parental forms of corn for seed production. There were violations in the timing of sowing, fertilizers were applied incorrectly, nitrogen fertilizers were given at a very low rate, the herbicide was spraying not in time and in the wrong phase, pests eat of part of the seedlings. In this case, the independent expert from Agricultural Consulting Service recommended systemic and very important improvements so that this situation does not recur. Photo: 20.06.2018, France



Photo source: CLAAS




Calculation of investments in machinery and equipment


It is very important for an investor to know what kind of machinery and equipment will financially do the job better and what kind of machinery and equipment will pay off faster? Could it be worth using CTF, Strip-Till and highly profitable and effective innovative technologies? Contact us!



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Management and remote control of equipment taking into account local conditions


The fulfillment of this condition not only simplifies management, but also saves time, significant money, and also brings the highest additional profit! - Contact us!


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Comprehensive analysis of the equipment used, taking into account local conditions, agronomic requirements and climate

We can not only help you choose the equipment, but we can also analyze a set of other factors - climatic conditions, structure and other soil parameters, relief, agronomic requirements, which is very important for creation of correct system for using technology when growing a particular crop in your fields - Contact us!


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Selection of the most energy efficient equipment and machinery

We calculate the entire technological line of machines that allows to produce products with the lowest cost per 1 ton of manufactured products - Contact us!


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Correct selection of agricultural machinery

We will select what will be better in your conditions. We carry out a selection of equipment, agricultural machines by independent way from suppliers and manufactures of machines - this is exactly what you need for your local conditions, and not what is at the moment and what needs to be sold right now to equipment manufacturers - Contact us!


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Search for those moments (technological and managerial) where profit and time are lost in existing systems of tillage and application of technology


That is, identifying those places because of which money is lost. And not only, but also preparation of professional recommendations for their elimination!  Contact us!



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Selection of the entire range of equipment required for growing major crops

We help to select and optimize the operation of machinery and equipment for farmers, agricultural firms, agricultural holdings, manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery and equipment. Including for horticulture, orchards, berry fields, growing vegetables and other areas. We also help to develop a system for promoting agricultural machines and increase their sales.  Contact us!


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We provide training for sales managers of agricultural machinery and spare parts in modern technologies of growing all crops, communication with farmers and methods of increasing sales


This allows you to increase sales, thanks to the acquired knowledge, as it allows you to speak "the same language" with farmers, agronomists and owners of agricultural firms!  Contact us!


Photo source: Grégoire Besson



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