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Last updated: 2022, June 12


What's new in sunflower growing?

Global trends in sunflower production



Dr. Oleksii Orlov, PhD in Agriculture



Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


What a global trends in sunflower production?

The sunflower market is developing in many directions related to the development of knowledge and the emergence of new means of production.

In this publication, we will consider the main trends and prospects in the production of this crop.

Here are the main global trends in sunflower production:

  • an increase of yield per acre / hectare, there are many reliable cases when the sunflower yield was 5.0-5.7 t / ha, and the world record in sunflower yield was 6.21 t / ha (2016)

  • creation of new effective varieties of sunflower, thanks to the achievements of modern genetics

  • the main directions of research and breeding of sunflower: increased yield, oil yield, resistance to diseases and pests, resistance to herbicides, resistance to adverse factors, early maturity

  • breeding varieties of sunflower that are resistant to the parasitic weed - broomrape

  • organic sunflower - areas are expanding

  • high oleic sunflower - areas are expanding

  • sunflower for biopharming

  • improvement of technologies for growing sunflower, thanks to the emergence of new machines, pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural chemistry

  • drip irrigation for sunflower cultivation has become profitable, especially SDI, fertigation and chemigation

  • for many years Ukraine has been the global leader in the efficiency of growing and producing of sunflower and sunflower oil

  • countries such as Ukraine and the Russian Federation have the potential to increase the total sunflower yields by 2-4 times

  • in Africa, more and more begin to grow sunflower

  • in the zone of humid climate, northern climate and acidic soils, more and more sunflower are being grown, thanks to the emergence of new varieties and liming of soils

  • fungicides on sunflower: most farmers began to use fungicides on sunflower, the areas of application of fungicides are increasing, some farmers use fungicides 3-4 times

  • growing sunflower without herbicides, thanks to the emergence of machines for precise mechanical weed control

  • the use of robots by multinational chemical companies for the selection of norms and combinations of pesticides for sunflower

  • global integration in sunflower seeds sales

  • rejection of presowing cultivation and late sowing in traditional regions of sunflower production and continental climate: transition to early sowing and weed control through the use of herbicides

  • expansion of sunflower cultivation areas using Strip-Till and CTF technologies and their combination

  • growing sunflower as a cover crop in mixtures with other crops

  • the emergence of highly productive machines for growing sunflower (seeders, harvesters, sprayers and fertilizer machines with a high clearance - at least 1.8 m)

  • the use of high clearance sprayers and fertilizer applicators: this allows you to apply agrochemistry when the sunflower is already tall and add yield and profit

  • reduction of the area under sunflower, resistant to IMI herbicides

  • an increase in the area under sunflower, resistant to tribenuron-methyl herbicide

  • the emergence of new herbicides against ragweed weed - Arylex active from Corteva (Vibala, Geliantex)

  • the use of chemical desiccation of sunflower before harvesting in some countries (Ukraine, Russian Federation)

  • application in some countries of sunflower growth regulators - Architect (calcium prohexadione + mepiquat chloride + pyraclostrobin) BASF (Ukraine)

  • the cultivation of special varieties of sunflower specifically for poultry, decorative purposes, fresh consumption and confectionery

  • more complete processing of sunflower, the use of plant residues, straw and seed skins for energy and mushrooms growing

  • incrustation or calibration of sunflower seeds so that they are the same size, especially for modern precision planters - so that the seeds are placed accurately and separately during sowing

  • increased consumption of honey from sunflower, the emergence of technologies to protect bees and get more honey

  • due to the fact that the climate has changed and became warmer and drier, sunflower has advantages, since sunflower is one of the most drought-resistant crops


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