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Last updated: 2022, June 12


Monitoring of fields, crops status and yield prognosis.

Inspection and survey of fields and crops.

Pest Control Advising. Integrated Pest Management

Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Monitoring the condition of crops with independent experts should be carried out even in very successful agricultural companies, even if you have very qualified and reliable personnel. Local agronomists and farmers are usually very busy and simply unable to see everything. A good expert travels a lot, communicates with many successful farmers and sees the features and competitive advantages of doing agricultural business with other farmers and in many countries, so he will be able to see those moments where money and opportunities for additional improvements are lost and will always be able to recommend certain solutions even for the best agricultural business!



  • Monitoring of crops of collateral crop in the field (for banks)

  • Determination of the quality of crops and horticulture and field works

  • Crops monitoring to prognosis of yield

  • Monitoring fields with various crops and horticulture (for investors and owners of agricultural holdings and agricultural enterprises)

  • Monitoring the timeliness and quality of technological operations in crop production and horticulture

  • Monitoring the general state of crop production and horticulture and developing recommendations for improving activities for enterprises in the agricultural business and agriculture

  • Phytosanitary monitoring, determination of pests, weeds, diseases, lack of nutrients and aftereffects of pesticides, mapping of weeds, diagnosis of pests and diseases

  • Pest Control Advising, Consulting on pests, diseases and weeds control, Integrated Pest Management

  • other types of survey, monitoring, research and audit


We monitor crops using traditional methods and using drones and the latest technologies!


  • Real-time crop and asset monitoring

  • Tracking the use of financial (investment) funds

  • Identification of problem areas in the fields and in agribusiness in general

  • Profit from timely identified problems solution


Monitoring, inspection of the crops and fields should be carried out by independent experts who will not want to sell you something and forge or not give a real results as some sellers of agrochemicals. Only with independent experts - monitoring will be most effective!


Inspection of horticulture, crops and fields makes it possible:

  • allows you to get the latest information on the status of fields or future development of crops

  • prevent losses from pests and diseases and get additional profit from their management

  • qualitative assessment of the state of crops at various stages of vegetation

  • rapid assessment of the condition of crops in each field throughout the growing season

  • assessment of field germination and uniformity of crops density

  • evaluation of the quality of tillage

  • assessment of the current state of crops

  • assessment of crop ripening and yield prognosis

  • monitoring the timing and pace of harvesting

  • identification of factors of negative impact to crops (personnel actions, drought, soaking, freezing, hail, freezing, pests, etc.) and prompt assessment of the risk of crop death from adverse factors

  • identification of fields having deviations from normal development, assessment and systematization of such fields (including the detection of facts of the presence of diseases and pests, the presence of which leads to a decrease or complete loss of yield)

  • control of information of sown areas and, as well as on the consumption of resources - fuel, seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers

  • monitoring the work of employees in the field (it is very important that the audit is carried out by an independent party and there is no influence of various subjective factors - for example, employees often refer to the action of various factors that actually weren’t: "did not rise", "it froze", " pests ate "," aftereffect of herbicides ", etc., etc. Independent monitoring just allows us to determine what really happened)

  • identification of various technological errors and other issues where profit in crop production is lost

  • selection of the best fields as collateral and for insurance


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


Monitoring the condition of crops is beneficial not only to owners, but also to agronomists and management, as it allows to show their interest in improving performance and increasing business profitability. Strengthen your position and allow you to achieve additional profits and demand for yourself preferences or part of this profit!


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


The purpose of the inspection and monitoring of crops is to obtain additional profit and prevent losses from various pests (weeds, pests, diseases), which personnel  often do not notice due to ignorance and other reasons.


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


The main areas of inspection and monitoring of fields, this identification in the fields:

  • diseases

  • non infectional diseases

  • lack of plant nutrients

  • pests

  • weeds

  • development of operational recommendations for the control of diseases, pests and weeds


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


Inspection and monitoring of fields makes it possible to predict and control the development and spread of diseases and pests, determine their number and possible control measures. During monitoring, entomological, herbological and phytopathological surveys are carried out.


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


Entomological survey - the detection of pests in crops of crops, the determination of their stages of development and the number of pests, the provision of recommendations for protecting plants from pests.


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


Herbological survey - determination of the species composition of weeds and their quantity in crops of agricultural crops, providing recommendations on the protection of plants from weeds.


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


Phytopathological survey - detection of diseases in crops of crops, determination of their stages and level of damage, provision of recommendations for protecting plants from diseases.




Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

In the photo - monitoring of the condition of winter canola crops as part of a comprehensive audit of the plant growing industry of one of the largest agricultural holdings


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