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Last updated: 2022, June 12


Why is the paid independent consulting in agribusiness and food production from Agricultural Consulting very beneficial?





Consulting should provide an opportunity to improve business efficiency, achieve higher profits and reduce risks. And the best results are provided by paid consulting from independent experts. But why?

Buying consulting services can be compared to buying a car. If you are offered a car for free, then the question arises - what is the deception here? Since nothing is free. Even a few hours of expert consultation is expensive, since it takes 20 years to study and spend a lot of money to it! If someone advises you for free, then this is always a disguised deception.

Usually, someone can advise you for free, only if someone else pays for this consultation or you pay for this consultation, but in a more expensive way - for example, if you buy from the consultant or his partner some or goods: pesticides, equipment, machinery or seeds, etc.

Since in this case the work of a specialist and consultation is paid by the supplier of the goods. Also, these consultations will always relate only to the peculiarities of using the product that you buy from a particular company or from its distributor. Competitors' products, even if they are better and cheaper, will not be mentioned in this consultation at all.

Let me give you an example. Often pharmaceutical, chemical, seed companies and machinery suppliers deceive their customers by using a closed sales system and selling and promoting exactly what is beneficial for them and what they have in stock.

If there is an alternative product that is cheaper or more effective, then this is hidden. The same applies to good products with low margins or items that are not in stock - these are not offered to the customer at all.

If a client can be sold a product or drug that will be very beneficial to the seller and bring the seller a lot of profit, but which will directly harm the client, but the client does not know about it or the consequences can be hidden, then this will be done in most cases.

It will be especially beneficial for the seller if the sale will make the client "addicted" and he will again return for the goods and make a purchase. This applies to virtually all pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Often sellers of agrochemicals and pesticides, as well as sellers of medical products, offer very beneficial for them, but very expensive for clients, treatment of those problems that can be solved by simpler methods.

Also, agronomists, managers, distributors and specialists who provide free consultations often receive not only a salary and % of the goods sold to you, but kickbacks and bonuses in the form of vouchers to resorts or in the form of cash bonuses, coupons for the purchase of goods, and other benefits.

International manufacturing companies and their distributors always agree among themselves before visiting a client.

If suddenly a specialist of a manufacturer company recommends to a farmer something that a distributor cannot do or deliver, or something that is not profitable to sell to a distributor, he will find his enemy in the person of the distributor. Since the distributor will lose profit and his money (% of the sale).

If a distributor manager consults, then he generally advises only on what is in stock and exclusively on what is more profitable for him to sell. Since he receives different profits from the sale of different goods. There are always goods that are more expensive for the farmer, which are much more profitable to sell to the distributor.

Sometimes initially “fake” goods, pesticides and “living water” are promoted, as well as agricultural machines, from which there is no benefit at all. The farmer not only incurs direct losses from the purchase of these goods, but also spends money and time on their use and loses a large share of the profits. In this case, direct financial harm is caused.

In all of the above cases, it is you who will pay all these costs when buying goods and services - and it will always be something that will cost more and will not always be necessary for you, but will be beneficial to the company - supplier or for distributor.

And this always costs much more than consulting from an independent expert, since an independent expert does not receive a % of sales and salary from some third party and he will always help you choose from several alternative products and supplier companies the option that will be the most affordable and will be the most effective and profitable for you.


The independent expert is independent of supplier companies and will be able to provide the most relevant and effective advice. This will reduce risks, save very large sums! Contact Us!


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