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Last updated: 2024, May 28

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Top biggest farms in the World rating


by land bank size



Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

There are very large agricultural companies that cultivate the soil and grow crops on an area of more than 100 thousand to 1 million hectares in one country alone (it from 250 thousand to 2,5 million acres!). There are international companies operating in different countries up to 5 - 8 million hectares of land (it about 12 - 19,7 million acres!)

What is biggest farms in the World?


Top 10 biggest farms in the World*:

  1. Kidman & Co Ltd  - Australia. Cattle (171.000 cattle), pastures. About 8.000.000 ha.

  2. Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) - Australia. Cattle (340.000 cattle), pastures. About 6.100.000 ha.

  3. North Australian Pastoral Company - Australia. Cattle (200,000 cattle), pastures. About 6.100.000 ha.

  4. Jumbuck Pastoral Company - Australia. Cattle, Sheep, pastures. About 5.750.000 ha.

  5. Handbury Group (Arcoona Cattle Station and Wagyu cattle property Swinging Shovel) - Australia. Cattle, pastures. About 5.280.000 ha.

  6. Williams Cattle Company - Australia. Cattle (36,500 cattle), pastures. 4.500.000 ha.

  7. Paraway Pastoral Company - Australia. Cattle (220.000 cattle), Sheep (250.000 sheep), pastures. 4.481.370 ha. 

  8. Crown Point Pastoral Company - Australia. Cattle (48.000 cattle), pastures. About 4.450.000 ha.

  9. Consolidated Pastoral Company - Australia. Cattle (300.000 cattle), pastures. About 3.600.000 ha.

  10. McDonald - Australia. Cattle, pastures. About 3.600.000 ha.

* By land area. Unfortunately, information about dairy farms in China, which have 9,1 and 4,5 million hectares (that published by LaScalA), is not confirmed from reliable sources, so we did not include them in this rating.



Photo © S. Kidman & Co

In Australia concentrated biggest land owners in world. In main it is pastures for cattle and sheep. In Russia and Ukraine in main large scale agricultural companies are rented lands from small owners. On photo cattle at Naryilco Station of S. Kidman & Co Pty Ltd



World top of countries with the most area of large-scale farms. The largest amount of land is concentrated in large-scale farms in the following countries and regions (% of total agricultural land area):

Australia - biggest concentration of pastures at big companies in World

• Countries of South America (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay)




Ukraine (see also Top of Ukrainian Large Scale Farms) - biggest concentration of arable lands at big companies in World

But the amount of land that used by large agricultural enterprises does not correlate with the amount of agricultural products that produced per unit of area.


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

 On photo 150 ha sunflower field in Ukraine


Photo source:  AMAGGI

Grain logistics at AMAGGI, one of the largest farm, which cultivates about 362 thousand hectares of land in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay!


Biggest farms of South America:

1. JBS Food, 9.700.000 ha (by Bloomberg source)

2. Cresud, 800.000 ha

2. SLC Agricola, 672.000 ha

3. Cosan, 600.000 ha

4. BOM FUTURO, 583.000 ha

5. AMAGGI, 362.00 ha

6. Marfing, 150.000-500.000 ha

8. Adecoagro, 231.000 ha

9. Los Grobo,  220.000 ha

10. MSU, 165.000 ha

11. Raizen Energy, 150.000 ha

12. INGLEBY FARMS, 100.000 ha


Biggest farms of Russia:

1. Miratorg, 1.105.000 ha

2. Prodimpex, 900.000 ha

3. Agrokomplex, 700.000 ha

4. Rusagro, 670.000 ha

5. EKONIVA, 630.000 ha

6. STEPPE, 578.000 ha

7. Bioton, 550.000 ha

8. Agroinvest, 450.000 ha

9. Avangard Agro, 450.000 ha

10. Sibagro, 400.000 ha


Biggest farms of Kazakhstan:

1. OLZHA AGRO, 960.000 ha

2. Atameken Agro, 441.000 ha

2. TNK, 430.000 ha


Biggest farms of Ukraine:

1. KERNEL, 500.000 ha

2. MHP, 360.000 ha

3. AP Group, 350.000 ha

4. Astarta, 212.000 ha

5. Continental Farmers Group, 195.000 ha

6. EPICENTR Agro, 160.000 ha

7. Harveast, 123.000 ha

8. IMC, 120.000 ha

9. UPI Agro, 108.000 ha

10. TAC Agro, 80.000 ha




Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov



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