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Last updated: 2022, February 21



Yield agriculture, what is yield in agriculture and aquaculture?


Dr. Oleksii Orlov, PhD


What is yield in agriculture and aquaculture?

In agriculture and aquaculture, yield is a measure of the amount of any useful product such as grain, forage, fruits, vegetables, wool, fish or seafood, meat or milk produced per unit of land / area or water area in aquaculture.


How calculate yield in aquaculture? In aquaculture, the yield per area is usually calculated, as well as the volume of water (when growing fish in tanks with water) or the total yield from the farm


Innovations such as the use of fertilizers, better agricultural machinery and equipment, new farming methods and better crop varieties and breeds increase yields.

The higher the yield and the more intensive the use of agricultural land, the higher the productivity and profitability of the farm; this increases the well-being of farming families.

Surplus yields in excess of subsistence farming requirements can be sale.

The more grain or fodder a farmer can produce, the more draft animals such as horses and oxen can be kept and harnessed for work and manure production.

Higher yields also mean fewer labor is required on the farm, freeing them up for industry and commerce. 


Why is yield important in farming?

Yield level is very important for farming, because the yield determines how much product is produced per unit of area. The more yield you can get from a unit of area, the greater the total food production! The lower the cost of money per unit area and the higher the yield, the higher the productivity of the farmer!


How do you calculate yield in agriculture?

Yields today are measured in kilograms per hectare (kg / ha) or bushels per acre (bu/ac).

For convert bu/ac to kg/ha it is possible using online services.

Crops yields in the United Kingdom were around 500 kg / ha in the Middle Ages, jumped to 2000 kg / ha during the Industrial Revolution and rose again to 8000 kg / ha during the Green Revolution. Every technological advance that increases yields also reduces a society's ecological footprint (by Wikipedia data).


How yields differ between different farmers?

The yield depends on many factors: subjective and objective. And also from the methods of doing agricultural business with different farmers.

Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

A good farmer, thanks to his knowledge and the help of our consulting service, can get a yield that is significantly larger and at a lower cost compared to other farmers! Contact us now for a bigger yields!


Yield records

For example, a yield record for 2021:


Yield and affected factors

Yield is influenced by all plant growth factors - biotic and abiotic: light, heat, soil and nutrients, air, water, space for growth, the presence of pests, diseases and weeds, human care.

Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

In milk farming yield estimated by milk yield by one cow


How to increase yields?

If the plants, fish, shellfish, poultry or agricultural animals are in favorable conditions and grow stress-free, only in this case the yield will be maximized. A good professional must determine what factors are limiting the yield and make sure that plants or other cultivated organisms are in optimal conditions - only then can you increase the yield!

For increasing of yields a technical audit should be carried out to determine the factors limiting the yield and their combination with local production conditions!


Yields and farming profitability

How yield affects farm profits? Yield is related to farming productivity, but is not synonymous.

Farming productivity is measured in money per unit of land of per unit of product, but yield is measured in terms of the weight of the crop or product produced per unit of land or area.

A farmer may invest a large amount of money to increase yields by a few percent, for example, with extremely expensive fertilizers and chemicals, but if this cost is so high that it does not give a comparative return on investment, his profit is reduced, and in this case, higher yields can mean more low agricultural productivity. Yield is a partial measure of financial productivity and efficiency because it may not accurately measure the actual productivity of a farm if all oher factors of production are not considered.


How is yield measured?

For calculation of the yield, you need to weigh the yield per unit area. Also yield estimated by:

  • by standard harvesting moisture (for grain it 14%)

  • absolutely dry matter content

  • useful product in yield (for example oil content in olives or sunflower seeds, protein content in soybeans)




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