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Last updated: 2019,  June 12


We buy farm in Ukraine - purchase of farms and agricultural companies and enterprises


(photo ©Dr. Oleksii Orlov)


We are professionals in Agricultural Consulting Service and Agricultural Business, so we will glad to buy Your Farm or Your Agricultural Company for aims of creation of innovative agricultural business



Often there are reasons to sell and hand over business to good hands:

  • sometimes health or age no longer allows, and often everything is simply fed up, and there is no longer any desire to do so

  • wanted to be confident in the good future of Your endeavors

  • agriculture - not a profile business

  • remoteness of assets and agricultural companies and farms

  • children do not want to engage in business or complex relationships between heirs or several owners

  • I just want to make money on selling a business, but I do not want to sell at a low price

  • moving for life to another place

  • there are many other, individual reasons


We will buy Your Farm or Agricultural Company at a price much higher than the market price, but on certain conditions:

  • not less than 1000 hectares in land use

  • correct registration of the lands

  • preliminary full audit

  • location - preferably the right bank of the Dnieper River

  • good credit / banking history

  • purchase / transfer, together with equipment and working capital, sufficient to complete the production cycle

  • the absence of serious threats to business, the possibility of doing business legally

  • transfer of 100% of corporate rights

  • 100% deferred payment (payment is made annually in equal installments until the total amount is paid off)

  • good soil and climatic conditions

  • full trust and openness

  • full confidentiality of the transaction


A good our understanding of how to make agrarian business more profitable, knowledge of how to use the latest and effective world innovations and competitive advantages in crop production and livestock farming and green energy gives us guarantees for our successful business, its development and high profit.




Contact us for the purchase of farms and agricultural companies!


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We guarantee the best quality of services!




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