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Agronomist services ONLINE and field visits

Global Services of Professional Independent Agronomists! Services of the highest quality - from specialists of the highest qualifications with the best positive practical experience, with a PhD level!


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Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Agronomy Service and Project Management. Photo from one of our Success Project


Fields inspection / survey and independent diagnostic of difficult cases

Creation of recommendations for solving problems with diseases, pests, weeds and stable development

Diagnostics and effective ONLINE services are possible!

Visits to the fields and performance of all necessary works

Preparation of professional written reports and documentation

Creation of new and improvement of existing projects for the production of food: innovative technologies, modern greenhouses and indoor farming, irrigation, agriculture in dry, desert and cold climates, tropical agriculture...

Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Modern Greenhouses and Horticulture Audit | Monitoring,  Consulting and Project Management. Photo from one from our Success Project


Projects Management and Support

Agronomist training

Technical and agronomic audit

Services for:

  • farmers and agricultural companies

  • manufacturers and dealers of machinery, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides

  • financial institutions

  • individuals and organizations

Services in agricultural business, horticulture, viticulture, greenhouses business and indoor farming, growing berries and vegetables, planting plantations and pruning, and other areas

Audit of local conditions, climate, soil. Soil and water analysis - sampling, transfer to laboratory for analysis and interpretation of results


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Highest quality, PhD level and excellent positive practical experience! Photo from one of our Success Project


Calculation of the fertilizers application system for the planned yield just for your conditions!

We calculate the fertilizers application system for the planned yield, taking into account the most modern technologies and scientific recommendations. Professional interpretation of the results of agrochemical analysis of fields and preparation of recommendations on the system of fertilization to achieve the planned yield

Green fertilisers - cover crops

We give recommendations on the use of cover crops to improve soil fertility and fertilization

Calculation of the system for the use of plant protection products

Calculation of an independent system for the use of plant protection products for the planned yield. We do not offer expensive solutions when the problem can be solved by simple, inexpensive ways. We do not offer to using not quality generics drugs. Since we do not sell plant protection products and fertilizers

Seed test for germination, germination energy and other quality parameters

We carry out an independent assessment of the germination of seeds and their quality, we give all the necessary documents. We make a seed germination test quickly and efficiently. We provide a certificate or expert report

Creation of scientific research stations, professional laying of field experiments and scientific research, publication of research results

Agronomic support

Other works according to customer requirements

Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Our services allow you to get high additional profits and increase the efficiency of your business! The photo shows our work in Georgia. Contact us now to increase the efficiency and profitability of the agrarian business!


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