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Agriculture Strategy Consulting

Our services are aimed at creating new businesses and improving existing agricultural production - increasing profitability and efficiency in the production of healthy and quality food!


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Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov

Agriculture Strategy Consulting

We have wide experience and knowledge in various fields of agriculture and food production and create effective strategies!


Consulting of private persons and business, international organizations and government agencies


  • Strategy consulting agriculture

  • StrategyConsulting

  • Creating strategies for agriculture

  • Market analysis, research and analytics

  • Development of programs for sustainable development of agriculture and their implementation

  • Business creation and project management - turnkey projects!

  • Audit and recommendations for business improvement

  • Field crops production- creating and improving the work of agriculture and farmers

  • Modern and innovative technologies in agricultural business!

  • Irrigation - state of the art irrigation systems suitable for dry and hot climates

  • Horticulture, viticulture, vegetables and berry crops - turnkey projects

  • Greenhouses - innovative greenhouses of various types

  • Development of virgin lands and pastures - how to do it better. how to put them into operation correctly

  • Livestock, poultry, aquaculture - the most modern approaches and turnkey projects

  • Terminals and logistics, storage and processing industry, infrastructure

  • Agriculture training, seminars and online training in agriculture

  • Risk - management

  • Climate change and agricultural production

  • Professional support and control of projects

  • Innovative and non-standard projects and many other directions!

  • Preparation of documents, programs, plans, studies and expert reports

  • Others...


Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov


Contact us now for effective Agriculture strategy consulting and quality food production!


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