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Frozen Diced Peaches, IQF Peaches Dices, Frozen Diced Peach. Sell high-quality frozen peach dices of our own production


Yellow, sweet, clear peach, peeled. The size of the dices is 10x10x10 mm and 6x6x10 mm.

Suitable for canning, fillings, stewed fruit, food production.

Peaches are grown in its own orchard, without the use of generic pesticides, in an ecologically clean region in compliance with all technologies. Peach paste is made on a modern production line in compliance with modern hygiene standards. Selected quality peaches was used.

All documents and certificates for export are ready.

Location - Uzbekistan.

Delivery possible.


Terms of delivery and payment:

  • 100% prepayment


Typically, the supply of products to new customers this occurs according to the following scheme:

  • agreement on price and delivery conditions

  • buyer requests samples

  • the representative of the buyer arrives at the plant, inspects the products

  • signing of the contract

  • a representative of the buyer arrives at the plant and controls the loading of products

  • 100% payment, payment must be received before the end of the download

  • a truck with products is not released from the plant until payment is received


The taste and smell are pleasant, natural, well defined, pronounced aroma characteristic of peach. Foreign odors and impurities are absent, sweeteners, GMOs, preservatives and dyes are absent. The color is uniform, yellow, typical of peach.


Only wholesale lots - from 19 t. Packaging box 13 kg. The total amount of 300+ tons. The price is $1.00/kg (+ delivery). Good discounts possible!

Year of harvest and year of production 2019-2020


We accept pre-orders for the 2021 season - as the amount of yield is limited:



We can also offer, by forward contract and by reservation for the 2021 season, IFQ frozen and fresh:

  • peaches

  • nectarines

  • broccoli

  • cauliflower

  • bell pepper

  • cherries

  • frozen pitted cherries

  • fresh cherry juice

  • sweet cherries, hydro cooling

  • sweet cherries - optical sorting and hydro cooling

  • sweet corn

  • sweet beans





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