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Marketing research.  Development of strategies, strategies for increasing sales, promotion, development strategies, and promotional materials


For obtaining a high profits and excellent results, it is very important not to make mistakes from the very beginning, from the moment the business starts. Since such errors will be impossible to fix in the future. Therefore, proper market research and business planning are very important for successful work and for sustainable development of any business (photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov)




We provide services of market analysis and research, analytics, business planning, development of strategies and programs, writing and reviewing business plans for various aspects of industry, energy, agribusiness, aquaculture, agriculture, the creation of various types of agricultural business and food production. Project management and support of the plant growing, livestock, business of storage and processing of agricultural products - plant and animal origin. We carry out these types of work at the highest international level




We also carry out analytics, research, business planning and economic calculations in the following areas:

  • industry

  • production of clean food and water

  • climate risks

  • agribusiness

  • crops

  • horticulture and viticulture

  • forestry

  • trade in goods for agribusiness

  • animal husbandry

  • poultry farming

  • processing

  • green energy (biogas, power plants and dryers for biomass elevators, solar power plants, wind energy)

  • aquaculture

  • ecology and environmental risks

  • and others




Company position and successful market strategy - it is impossible to build without exploring the markets




We prepare markets research and analyze the economic indicators of the markets and enterprise, comparison with the leading enterprises of the industry in order to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, reduce costs and generate additional profit.


We calculate the schedule of cash flows for different periods of time up to 20 years - this helps to plan the return on investment and determine the impact of certain financial transactions on the total profit of the enterprise.



Based on an in-depth market analysis and correctly created marketing research, you can build a successful business, develop the economy and receive significant and stable income



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