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Last updated: 2018, October 15


Due Diligence of Agricultural Business

(photo ©Dr. Oleksii Orlov)


due diligence it is the procedure for drawing up an objective view of the investment object (holding company, group of enterprises), which includes an assessment of investment risks, an independent evaluation of investment objects, a comprehensive study of the company's activities, a comprehensive check of its financial and technical condition and position on the market, as well as development prospects. It is usually held before the start: the purchase of business, investment, financing, the implementation of a merger transaction, the signing of a contract or cooperation with this company.


Often, due diligence checks are carried out at regular intervals in order for the investor to understanding the effectiveness of investments and the level of implementation of plans, as well as to better understand the current position of the company in the market and prospects for business development.


Also Due Diligence is recommended in the preparation of strategic development plans and decision-making to invest in the development of an existing business or in new business areas.


Methods Due Diligence, consist of the collection and analysis of information, decision-making and the form of its submission regarding the appropriateness of entering into certain relationships with counterparties.


Due Diligence assesses possible risks (for example, technological, financial, legal, environmental, climatic, etc.) When collecting information for due diligence, any information, regardless of the source of its origin, is taken into account. The study of the received information is done by different specialists separately, then a summary analysis is made. The decision is made by Due Diligence experts separately from the customer. The form of submission of results can be deployed (with the application of separate intermediate conclusions of experts, information sources), or in the form of a brief recommendation on further actions.


In a broader sense, the term Due Diligence is used in English as the opposite of negligence or abuse, can be used for technical, legal or moral and ethical evaluation of companies' performance.


Agricultural Consulting provides Due Diligence (due diligence) services in the following business areas:

  • Agribusiness

  • Agriculture

  • Agro-Holdings

  • Large and Medium-sized Agricultural Companies

  • Manufacture and Industry of food products

  • Processing Industry

  • Green Energy

  • Energy Industry

  • Logistics and Infrastructure

  • Ports and Export Terminals

  • Grain Ports and Terminals

  • Biotechnology Industry

  • Aquaculture

  • Crop production

  • Livestock

  • Ecology

  • Energy Efficiency 



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